Nous partageons ici l’initiative de l’American Environmental History Society qui invite ce mardi 23 juin à enrichir la liste des ouvrages d’histoire environnementale de Wikipedia de nouvelles références écrites par des auteurs féminins, non-blanc, ou non anglo-saxons.  

A cursory glance at the List of environmental books article on Wikipedia reveals an overwhelming bias towards white, male, North American authors

You are likely to agree with me that the list needs a face lift. You can help.

On Tuesday, June 23, you are warmly invited to help #FlipTheList  

By adding books by women, scholars of color and scholars based outside of the North American academia in any language into a common spreadsheet 

anytime between 15h et 21h (Paris time) you will help us help Wikipedia get up to speed on how much more there is out there. 

This initiative builds on the American Environmental History Society report on (disturbing lack of) diversity in the environmental history community and on the work of the Syllabus Project, which calls to diversify environmental history course syllabi. 

Your participation can help bring to the forefront the existing diversity. 


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