Appel à communication : Changing Landscapes: The Intersections of Culture, Politics, and Environment in Latin America (deadline: 1.02.11)

Stony Brook University
Latin American & Caribbean Studies Center
10th Annual Graduate Conference

Call for Papers:

Changing Landscapes: The Intersections of Culture, Politics, and Environment in Latin America.

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Center at SUNY Stony Brook invites presentation proposals for its annual graduate student conference to be held on April 8th, 2011.

Using the theme, “Changing Landscapes: The Intersections of Culture, Politics, and Environment in Latin America”, the conference seeks to open interdisciplinary discussions regarding environmental problems caused by ecological imbalance and natural disasters, economic and political cataclysms, and the resulting kafkian metamorphosis in the sphere of the imaginary. Since the 19th century nature has been understood as a static place meant to be transformed by the “civilizing action” of humans and this clear-cut divide between human and nature was mirrored in the work of scholars. This conference aims to explore the strengths and limits of traditional views while also foregrounding alternative interpretations.

· How have Latin American social and political institutions responded to ecological and geographic change in both moments of rupture and over the longue durée and how does geographical and ecological change play out along racial, political, and economic boundaries?

· What new and old moral geographies of space emerge resulting from the sweeping regional changes?

· How have efforts to adapt and alter the region’s climate and landscape led to unintended consequences and legacies?

· What roles have institutions of learning, science, and technology played in ecological change?

· How, and to what extent have changing landscapes been represented, contested, and explored by artists, writers, intellectuals, filmmakers, and performers?

· How have art and culture shaped and responded to changes in landscapes?

By stimulating cross-disciplinary discussions, the conference invites graduate students to examine and transcend the boundaries of their own academic fields. The multi-disciplinary nature of this conference also provides an opportunity for graduate students to interact with other scholars outside their traditional fields of study and academic specialties.

Presentation proposals should be 200 to 300 words in length, in either Spanish or English, and should include a cover page with name, academic affiliation and contact information. Panel proposals and alternative, non-paper presentations will also be given consideration.

Please submit proposals electronically to

The conference directors: Carlos Gómez & Anna Shilova


The conference directors: Carlos Gómez & Anna Shilova
The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Center at SUNY Stony Brook

Visit the website at

Appel à communication : « Disaster! A Conference on Catastrophes in History » (9/04/2011)

“Disaster! A Conference on Catastrophes in History.”
April 9, 2011
Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, Delaware

Page d’annonce :

The University of Delaware-Hagley Fellows invites scholars to join in a conversation about how disasters have shaped societies, cultures and environments since 1700. What makes a disaster a disaster? Who decides? How have they been interpreted? What are the consequences of disasters? What can historians gain by studying disasters? We particularly encourage proposals for papers that explore how disasters can inform the histories of business, technology, consumption, the environment, work, and everyday life.

The organizers welcome proposals by both graduate students and established scholars. Financial assistance for travel will be provided to all conference presenters.

Please email a 300-word abstract and a one-page CV to the Hagley Fellows at by December 31, 2010. For more information:

Spanish Research on Environmental History Workshop (16-17/12/2010)

CherEs collègueEs,

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer la tenue prochaine d’un workshop intitulé « Recherches en histoire environnementale, » organisé par l’Institution Fernando el Católico (IFC) en partenariat avec l’Université de Saragosse.

Le motif de cette rencontre est de faire connaître les différents projets de recherche menés en Espagne ou sur l’Espagne.

Le workshop se tiendra le 16/17 décembre à Saragosse (Espagne).

Continuer la lecture de Spanish Research on Environmental History Workshop (16-17/12/2010)

Séminaire « Aux marges de la ville. Des territoires sans nom »

A l’université Lyon 2, le 8 novembre à 14h, la Maison de l’Orient Méditerranéen accueillera André Guillerme et Frédéric Ogé, qui parleront respectivement sur

« Au-delà des Barrières d’octroi : artisanat et industrie entre 1760 et 1830 »

« L’enjeu des friches en milieux urbain et périrurbain en matière d’aménagement du territoire et de gestion environnementale (XVIIIe-XXIe s.) »

Keynote Speakers : 6e ESEH Conference, Turku (2011)

Le comité scientifique de la 6éme conférence de la Société Européen d’Histoire Environnementale, intitulée « Encounters of Sea and Land » a déjà sélectionné les « keynotes speakers » du programme.

Rudolf Brazdil, professeur de géographie à l’université de Brno, Rép. Tchèque, parlera d’histoire du climat en Europe.

Susan Flader, professeur émérite d’histoire à l’université de Missouri-Columbia,  membre fondatrice de l’American Society for Environmental History et ancienne présidente de l’ASEH, spécialiste d’Aldo Leopold, parlera sur le sujet : « Water, Land and the Leopold Ethic in the Twenty-First Century ».

Stephen Mosley, Senior lecturer en histoire à l’université de Leeds, et nouveau rédacteur en chef de la revue Environment and History, parlera sur le thème : « Coastal Cities and Environmental Change ».

Helen M. Rozwadowski, professeur d’histoire à l’université du Connecticut, Avery Point (USA),  spécialiste d’histoire maritime : « Ocean as Frontier and Wilderness: Metaphors of Land Applied to the Sea ».

Sverker Sörlin, professeur d’histoire environnementale au Royal Institute of Technology de Stockholm, interviendra sur le thème « Terrestrial Modern: Nature, Technology, and Art in Nordic Landscapes ».

Pour en savoir plus, allez sur le site de la conférence :